We are a driving force behind many “firsts" in the water sector

Our water specialists provide collaborative design and advisory services for wastewater, storm water and water treatment projects for urban and rural environments. With water scarcity an ever-present consideration, our project teams strive for the efficient use of natural resources and sustainable solutions.

Our water specialists are recognised internationally as leaders in their fields.


We understand water, we design the infrastructure to access and use it and we train our clients in how to use and optimise our solutions.   

Our suite of services includes asset design to implementation, and ongoing management for both urban and rural storm water, wastewater and water supply projects.


Our team has forged a global reputation for smart and sustainable water supply, treatment and asset management.

We draw knowledge and resources from our global team to provide creative water management solutions. Our team collaborates to deliver effective cost savings, longer facility life and more efficient service.

We can help your organisation or business to use precious water resources efficiently, through demand planning and forecasting, system design and operational planning. Our work in the water sector has three key areas: water asset management, urban water, and productive water. 

Water asset management is about ensuring a sustainable supply of clean water and associated services. Unexpected costs, poor performance and inequitable burdens on future generations can be prevented if asset management planning is given the same priority as initial capital investment. This is our forte. We provide advanced asset management tools and deep analysis for all parts of the water asset cycle. We have a number of highly skilled engineers, environmental scientists and other specialist staff working in the water sector, to help with concept design, contract administration, construction supervision and on-site commissioning.

Urban water expertise encapsulates process engineering for water treatment and wastewater treatment plants; pipes, pumps and tanks that deliver water to our towns and cities; and urban stormwater and drainage. We have a long history of designing stormwater systems for municipal and highway environments, and catchment management plans that make sure urban drainage works as it should.

Our productive water capabilities encompass irrigation, water resource sciences, flood management and hydraulic engineering associated with river catchments, coastal environs and hydropower facilities.