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Inspiring tomorrow’s innovators

8 August 2019 Kate Palmer

Inspiring tomorrows innovators
One of New Zealand’s leading research facilities has played host to the next generation of aspiring scientists and engineers.

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Global Wind Day - the (b)low down on NZ's wind generation

14 June 2019 Chloe Brigden

Global Wind Day 2019 wsp opus

In celebration of Global Wind Day - we caught up with Principal Mechanical Engineer, Nigel Matuschka.

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WSP Opus – paving the way for better roads

19 December 2018 Kate Palmer

Recently the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor, Prof Juliet Gerrard, attended the IRANZ meeting at WSP Opus Research in Petone. It was an opportunity to showcase the facility where the R&D happens for our nation's roadways.

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WSP Opus combines thinking global with knowing local

18 July 2018 Kate Palmer


WSP Opus, one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consulting firms, is acknowledging its unparalleled New Zealand heritage as it harnesses the power of global thinking.

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