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Opinion: Roads don’t cause crashes, human error does

6 May 2019 Kate Palmer

roadside memorial

Leading safety expert Dr Fergus Tate discusses what people can do to reduce the risk for themselves and other road users.

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Can we be safer on our roads?

1 February 2019 Kate Palmer

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The challenge to design a safe transport system that reduces death and injury, is suitable for a variety of modes of transport and encompasses future modes of transport is almost overwhelming in scale.

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A zero-death vision for 2019

1 February 2019 Kate Palmer


Just over 30 years ago, the Swedish parliament had an extraordinary debate as politicians tried to decide how many deaths each year were acceptable on their roads. The consensus? None.
This is the principle of the Vision Zero policy that was introduced in Sweden in 1997; that the acceptable number of deaths or serious injuries on the roads is precisely zero.

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WSP Opus boosts transport expertise

20 November 2018 Kate Palmer


Leading engineering consultancy WSP Opus is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Fergus Tate as Technical Director, Transport.

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Agencies collaborate to focus on road safety

13 November 2018 Kate Palmer

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Central government and private industry have joined forces in a world-first investigation to assess braking distances on our unique chipseal roads.

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