WSP OPUS Bridge Management

20 June 2018 Chloe Brigden

Ageing bridges are a major concern, the question of what to do with them at the end of their design life is a common dilemma. In most cases, owners assume that when a bridge passes its 100-year mark, it should be replaced. 

Is there reasoning behind this logic? 

Speaking at the IPWEA 2018 Conference, Corrosion and Asset Integrity Consultant, Raed El Sarraf addressed the benefits of extending the life of New Zealand's heritage bridges. 

New Zealand has many bridges that appear to be due for replacement. Reads paper shows how to extend their life while saving money.  

Referring to New Zealand's urban and rural bridges, Raed's paper details how bridge asset life can be extended to maintain and improve levels of service and resilience.

His proposed paper is one of the three nominees for the Hynds’ Paper of the Year award. The Paper of the Year Award recognises the best technical paper submitted for the Water New Zealand Conference.

Download Raeds Paper