Celebrating 5 years of Construction Rocks

4 October 2018 Chloe Brigden

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This November sees the return of WSP Opus’ Construction Rocks New Zealand, the battle of the bands networking event for the design, construction, infrastructure and property industry, which is now into its fifth year.

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Tackling climate change and plastic in the Pacific

4 July 2018

WSP Opus Tackling Climate Change

Climate change is here, there isn’t a quick fix and plastic pollution is complicating its impact.

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Meeting the expectations or requirements of Building Control Authorities (BCA).

3 July 2018

New Zealand Building Code - WSP Opus

This week, Corrosion and Asset Integrity Consultant, Raed El Sarraf, presented his paper, NZ Building Code B2 Issues, Solutions and where to from here - at the Designing For Durability Conference in Auckland. 

The white paper highlights the issues and challenges experienced by design engineers and architects, in meeting the expectations and requirements of Building Control Authorities (BCA).

Raed follows with a proposed pathway to addressing these issues, demonstrating compliance with the B2 Clause of the NZBC. 

The NZBC sets the performance standards that all structures are required to comply with; the B2 Clause addresses a projects durability.

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Extending the life of New Zealand's Bridges

20 June 2018 Chloe Brigden

WSP OPUS Bridge Management

Ageing bridges are a major concern, the question of what to do with them at the end of their design life is a common dilemma. In most cases, owners assume that when a bridge passes its 100-year mark, it should be replaced. 

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2018 IPWEA Conference : Future-Proofing for Tomorrows Challenges.

14 June 2018 Chloe Brigden

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The theme for this year’s IPWEA conference, Disruption - the pathway to resilience, strikes a national chord. 

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IFME/IPWEA Joint International Conference

4 May 2015

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