Helping shape Whanganui for 148 years

10 August 2018 Kate Palmer

pic whanagaui

WSP Opus has been helping shape Whanganui and the wider region for 148 years and, with an increased headcount and new capability, will continue to create what matters for future generations for many more years.

Our rich history dates back to colonial New Zealand, when the Public Works Department was opening up the country’s notoriously difficult terrain through the combination of national road and rail networks. Over the years we’ve worked under several monikers; in 1988 the Ministry of Works and Development became a state-owned enterprise, and we transitioned from Works Consultancy to Opus. Now we’re known as WSP Opus, which combines our unrivalled New Zealand heritage with the power of global thinking. 

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The Eiffel Tower of viaducts

7 August 2018


Dubbed the Eiffel Tower of viaducts, the Makatote Rail Viaduct is an iconic structure of national and historical importance.

 Construction of the viaduct dates back to 1908 when 500 immigrants, who lived in tents on site, completed the final connection of the North Island main trunk railway.

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Social awareness ticks this millennial box

24 July 2018 Kate Palmer

drop of water 2750958 1920

Earlier this month I attended the Engineers Without Borders New Zealand Annual Conference, which was focused almost exclusively on humanitarian engineering.

It was a spotlight on socially aware engineering practices and highlighted the importance of approaching solutions with a human-centric mind set.

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Design Solutions for NZ's Fourth Riskiest Intersection

19 July 2018 Chloe Brigden

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A project delivered by WSP Opus in Rotorua expects a 50% reduction in the crash rate at NZ’s fourth riskiest intersection and has also provided wider-reaching benefits for the community. 

New Zealand’s road safety has been a growing concern. The complexities of our roads, paired with weather influences, vague signage and driver alertness played a part in the 280 road-related deaths in 2017.

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WSP Opus combines thinking global with knowing local

18 July 2018 Kate Palmer


WSP Opus, one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consulting firms, is acknowledging its unparalleled New Zealand heritage as it harnesses the power of global thinking.

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The bronze bullets for plastic pollution

9 July 2018 Dr Rowan Dixon


Last Thursday WSP Opus brought together a group of sustainability champions to discuss projects tackling climate change and plastic pollution in the Pacific. As suspected, there is no silver bullet solution, but the power of group thinking enabled us to identify a number of bronze bullet solutions.

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Tackling climate change and plastic in the Pacific

4 July 2018

WSP Opus Tackling Climate Change

Climate change is here, there isn’t a quick fix and plastic pollution is complicating its impact.

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Meeting the expectations or requirements of Building Control Authorities (BCA).

3 July 2018

New Zealand Building Code - WSP Opus

This week, Corrosion and Asset Integrity Consultant, Raed El Sarraf, presented his paper, NZ Building Code B2 Issues, Solutions and where to from here - at the Designing For Durability Conference in Auckland. 

The white paper highlights the issues and challenges experienced by design engineers and architects, in meeting the expectations and requirements of Building Control Authorities (BCA).

Raed follows with a proposed pathway to addressing these issues, demonstrating compliance with the B2 Clause of the NZBC. 

The NZBC sets the performance standards that all structures are required to comply with; the B2 Clause addresses a projects durability.

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UoA First female Civil Engineer Graduate.

22 June 2018 Chloe Brigden

WSP Opus - Women Engineers in New Zealand

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, we sat down with The University of Auckland's first Civil Engineer graduate, Sue Scott. 

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Extending the life of New Zealand's Bridges

20 June 2018 Chloe Brigden

WSP OPUS Bridge Management

Ageing bridges are a major concern, the question of what to do with them at the end of their design life is a common dilemma. In most cases, owners assume that when a bridge passes its 100-year mark, it should be replaced. 

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