WSP Opus asks, “what if we can?”

1 March 2019 Kate Palmer

Future Power city transport
Never one to stand still in the market, leading engineering and design consultancy WSP Opus has started 2019 with a new structure and determination to deliver outstanding value for clients.

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What if we can design our transport infrastructure for a fully electric future?

25 February 2019 Chloe Brigden

201902 NZ Electric Forecast Tiles 03

New Zealand is just starting to pick up the pace on its electric fleet; surpassing the 10,000-benchmark last year; reaching 12,195 last month.

The gradual upsurge in demand in Electric Vehicles (EV's) comes partly as an upshot of the Governments pledge to lower New Zealand's carbon emissions by investing in the infrastructure for an electric network. In 2016, the Ministry of Transport (MoT) announced an Electric Vehicle Programme- setting a bold target of 64,000 electric vehicles (EV’s) on New Zealand roads by 2021. At the time, there was just over 1000 EV's on NZ roads.

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Can we change our approach to urban mobility systems

22 February 2019 Kate Palmer

A thought-provoking presentation at last week’s Active Living and Environment Symposium has smart mobility expert Louise Baker questioning our approach to urban mobility.

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WSP Opus harnesses young talent to deliver the future

4 February 2019 Kate Palmer

WSP Opus Cadet 2019
This month 25 school leavers join WSP Opus as cadets through a regional scheme that channels emerging talent into engineering careers. The new recruits will work on transformational infrastructure projects that will reshape and benefit their communities.

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Can we be safer on our roads?

1 February 2019 Kate Palmer

car 49A3070
The challenge to design a safe transport system that reduces death and injury, is suitable for a variety of modes of transport and encompasses future modes of transport is almost overwhelming in scale.

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Protecting the last 10%...

1 February 2019 Chloe Brigden

101 Wetlands 03 1600x1066

Over 150 years ago, when European settlement of New Zealand began, we had around 670,000 hectares (ha) of freshwater wetlands. By the 20th Century, this number had significantly reduced to 100,000 ha. Now, the Minister of Conservation is urging that we protect what we have left for our declining kūkūwai (wetlands) as New Zealand clings on to the remaining 10% of wetland area.

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A zero-death vision for 2019

1 February 2019 Kate Palmer

Just over 30 years ago, the Swedish parliament had an extraordinary debate as politicians tried to decide how many deaths each year were acceptable on their roads. The consensus? None.

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Can we restore our waterways to good health?

30 January 2019 Chloe Brigden

Chaohu Lake RTR24QAT 1024x681
Water Sector Leader, Liam Foster says it’s possible through innovative, community-led approaches that embrace the concept of kaitiakitanga.

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Kristian Jensen: what is a smart city?

17 January 2019 Chloe Brigden

Episode 2

Kristian Jensen his thoughts about the Smart Cities of the future. Smart cities don’t happen by accident, they are crafted and built. We have a choice.

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